Açai Berries – the purple gold

Have you heard of nature’s “purple gold”? Let me introduce you to the Açai berries. Those amazing superfood berries come from açai palm trees in South America.  In the 18th century they were considered a staple food, today they are superfoods. These small dark purple round berries bring you many health benefits!

With its 10% juice, pulp and skin, açai berries are full of antioxidants. Also, they have plenty of vitamins, minerals, calcium, fiber, and fatty acid that make them a great energizing fruit.

What are their top 5 health benefits?

  • Protect your heart and improve your cholesterol thanks to its anthocyanins and fatty acids
  • Helps your digestion system thanks to its fibers
  • Boost your immune system with its antioxidants and vitamins
  • Help your cells fight against free radical and giving you healthier skin thanks to its high level of antioxidants
  • Encourage your energy production by keeping your muscles and bones strong with its calcium and other minerals

How to eat them?

  • You can eat them raw. They taste a bit like blackberries, slightly bitter
  • In a smoothie, blended with other berries
  • You can mix frozen açai berries in a bowl with other fruits or cereals or chia seeds
  • You can add powdered açai berries into your baking or your plain/non-dairy yogurt

Where to find them?

  • Fresh açai Berries are expensive, this is due to their long harvest and cost of processing and shipping
  • To maintain their natural benefits and taste, açai berries can be more easily found frozen or freeze-dried
  • Açai berries can also be found as frozen puree, dried powder or pressed juice

Now you know what delicious superfood you can add to your next meal. It will benefit your health overall and add color to your bowl, yogurt, smoothie, or cake!

Enjoy them and stay healthy!

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