Organic Nuts And The Importance Of Activating Them

On earth, there are people and animals, who enjoy eating nuts. Nuts are so popular that people use the word “nuts” when describing something or someone crazy in a good way. Nuts are good in and as everything. Nuts can be eaten as snacks and can be added as an additional or decorative ingredient in food. In a world where junk food is ruling, the benefits of nuts are still known to those, who consume it passionately on a daily basis. These people know that nuts are high in protein, fiber, antioxidants, minerals and essential fats. But like everything that has some good in it, nuts also have some bad effects in the form of natural chemicals, which could harm our digestive system. There is a way to avoid this from happening though, it’s called “activating”.

Why nuts can be dangerous?

Nuts have natural chemicals in them that when consumed, these chemicals might just hinder our digestive system, which in turn might prevent us from ripping all the good benefits that nuts provide. In general, our digestive system is unable to break down the phytic acid from nuts. If nuts are consumed in huge portions, then there will be feelings of nausea and bloating, which will also cause the digestive system to be strained. A strained digestive system is not something that anyone would want as having a healthy digestive system is the way to leading a happy and healthy life.

How to activate nuts?

It’s not that easy and simple to get activated nuts. Not that activated nuts are not available everywhere, they are really expensive to purchase, which might make someone rethink the whole purpose of consuming nuts altogether. But that should not be a worry these days, since the secret on how to activate nuts has been shared. It’s not that hard as it’s the kind of method that was practiced by our ancestors decades ago. All that needs to be done is to soak the nuts and seeds in salt water and then, let them dry out in the sun. In the old and golden days, there wasn’t as many things accessible and clean as there are today, so activating nuts today will be much more advantageous and beneficial than it was decades ago. In fact, activating nuts is just an old tradition that has been modernized for our generation.

The Process of Activating Nuts

It sounds a little easy and simple to activate nuts, if you are going to do it yourself. But there’s a method and process to activate nuts, which include how much salt is needed to soak a certain amount of nuts. Here are some tips on how the process of activating nuts:

  • There should be enough salt for the amount of nuts to be activated.
  • Place the nuts in a large bowl and then proceed to put in the salt water solution.
  • Let the nuts soak in salt water for the needed number of hours.
  • When the soaking time is over, the nuts should be strained and rinsed.
  • Use a baking tray or a dehydrator rack to spread the nuts.
  • Dry in either the dehydrator (12-24 hours) or the oven (less than 65C).
  • The nuts need to be stirred and turned during the course of the drying time.
  • Ensure that the nuts are dry and crispy.
  • All steps completed and what’s left are the kind of nuts that the digestive system will welcome.

Why go through the process of activating nuts?

Depending on how you know your way around the kitchen, the process of activating nuts might sound like a hard task to achieve. There’s always the option of going out and buying activated nuts, only if you have the kind of budget that allows you to do so every time. For others, the process of activating nuts might be the easiest sacrifice they have to undertake to ensure that their digestive systems don’t suffer and they don’t end up with digestive issues. Having issues with your digestive systems might bring so much pain that investing in a dehydrator to make the activating process easier might seem like the most sane thing to do. Raw nuts are good for us, but activated raw nuts will prove incredible for us in the long run.

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