What is the magic with bicarbonate?

Do you know the health benefits of bicarbonate? This question popped up when a colleague of mine told me that bicarbonate can help to cure my heartburn. So, I asked myself, what is the magic with bicarbonate? I started to research and here are some of the findings that came up regarding the health benefits of bicarbonate.

First of all, bicarbonate is a natural product! It´s a SALT. Also known under the name Sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3.  You find bicarbonate in all seas, watercourses, and in the ground. But also, you find it in our bodies!

Bicarbonate has a healing effect. Here are just some examples of benefits when drinking bicarbonate with water:

  • Bicarbonate is a byproduct of our own metabolism. It regulates the PH-value in the saliva and helps against tartar.
  • It regulates acidity in the stomach and helps to prevent heartburn. It also reduces inflammation and gases by helping the body to digest the food. Normally the body can regulate the acid-base balance by itself, but you can help the body by eating food that is base-forming, which bicarbonate is. Bicarbonate has PH 8 mixed with water. It is slightly alkaline.
  • It is very good for the PH value in the stomach because it changes the PH value balance and increases the oxygenation of the cells. It helps the body with oxygen uptake. The PH value in your stomach should be around 1,7-2 (very sour!)
  • If you have been eating a little bit too much, then you can try to drink a glass of water with bicarbonate about two hours after eating. That should regulate the acid and help against heartburn! Almost all food processed in our body creates acids. This is natural. But if you drink water with bicarbonate, you can neutralize the acids and regulate your PH value. It helps the stomach to create a better environment.
  • Can help to prevent lactic acid when doing sports activities.
  • Can help against urinary tract infection because of its capability to reduce acid index in the urine.
  • Bicarbonate can also help to lose weight. Drinking it with water gives a feeling of saturation. The bicarbonate erases the PH value in the blood, and that on the other hand, helps the body burn fat. Actually, our metabolism increases with between 6-12 % adding bicarbonate.

Even better than adding bicarbonate is to eat greens that decompose to bicarbonate in our body! Eating greens like salad, broccoli, etc do help to digest the food. Bitter greens increase the stomach acid so that you can digest the food better. The acidity in the stomach is particularly important for melting the food and killing bacteria entering with food intake.

Well, you see that bicarbonate has several benefits, but limit it to half a teaspoon in a glass of warm water. Always be attentive to your body, if it doesn’t feel good, rather skip it!

PS. For everyone who wonders… Bicarbonate is NOT the same as baking powder. Baking powder contains several other things than bicarbonate, but you can still use it as baking powder.

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