Yarrow Flower – Slight peppery taste spice perfect for vegetables, fish, meat, barbecues and in soups (2x20g / 2×0.7oz) – METTÄ NORDIC


Yarrow is a popular herb growing in the Finnish nature which can be used as a spice for veggies, fish, meat and BBQ:s or brewed as a delicious herbal tea.

Yarrow is a popular herb growing in Finnish nature. It has a slightly peppery taste, making it a perfect spice for vegetables, fish, meat and barbecues we well as in soups. Yarrow can be brewed as a delicious herbal tea known for cleansing and refreshing properties.As a tea: boil water and add 1 tsp into 2dl of water, brew for 10–15min. To be used in small amounts as seasoning or tea. Do not use large amounts. Not recommended for pregnant women nor for continuous use. Those allergic to mug wort or chamomile might get allergy symptoms from using yarrow.100% compostable or biodegradable




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