Bandar Foods Naan Garlic Chips (6×5 OZ)

Bandar Foods Naan Garlic Chips (6×5 OZ)

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Naan is our favorite part of an Indian meal. With Bandar’s naan chips, the tasty flatbread can be a part of any meal. Rolled thin and then baked until light and crispy, naan chips are perfect for snack or paired with your favorite dips, spreads, and Bandar sauces. Based in san Francisco, Bandar foods reimagines traditional Indian flavors for everyday American foods. Try our variety of crispy harvest vegetables, poppadums, naan chips, and chutneys. BandarÍs crispy harvest vegetables are a tasty treat that will forever change how you snack. BandarÍs lentil chips are the easiest, most delicious way to eat authentic Indian poppadums. Bandar’s naan chips are great for your favorite dips or plain right out of the bag. Try our line of sauces, all with their own unique flavors. Our sauces are the worldÍs first squeezable chutney, now used as daily condiments. Now sold in over 1500 stores across the us, Bandar is positioned to be the premier indian-american food brand.

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